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Since 2005, Thunderbird Corporate Finance, LLC. acting as an "Independent Financing Intermediary" has been representing Small to Mid-Size Businesses nationally in need of financing for a variety of purposes: Working Capital, Equipment Financing, Partner Buyout, Business Acquisition, Debt Restructuring etc..     Debt Related Financing ranges from $250,000 to over $10,000,000.


Bennett S. Brown, Managing member

  • Since  1999, Bennett has been assisting businesses in the area of working  capital, equipment, inventory and acquisition financing, working on  transactions ranging from $100,000 to over $10 million. 
  • From 1981-1999, as a Certified Financial Planner and Registered Investment Advisor, Bennett worked in the wealth management industry as a partner in Black, Polcyn & Brown a boutique investment advisory firm based in Phoenix Arizona.
  • Bennett  lives in Scottsdale Arizona with his wife Michell and two daughters.   When not working you will find Bennett: golfing, hiking, spending time  with family.


Why Us?


  • As Independent Financing Intermediaries, we assist small to middle market companies with meeting their overall financing objectives ranging from $250,000 to over $10 million.
  • Mission Statement: Our Mission at Thunderbird Corporate Finance is in building a superior  and profitable organization by providing the highest quality of client  service by keeping the client’s objectives in mind at all times.  Essential to accomplishing our mission is in building strong and lasting  relationships with clients and professional referral sources.  
  • Focus Statement: Our  Focus at Thunderbird Corporate Finance is on exceeding the expectations  of our clients, by matching clients with the most appropriate and cost  effective financing solution for their particular situation. As an  independent source of locating business capital we do not focus in any  specific industry, but rather focus on the client and locating a  suitable financing partner.  We strive to be “Front of Mind” with our  clients and professional referral sources when it comes to identifying  the most appropriate sources of financing.
  • Our Guarantee: We will be honest and straight forward letting our clients know quickly  if we are unable to assist them on their requested transaction.  On  transactions we feel strongly about we will provide a high degree of  professionalism working quickly and diligently in sourcing the capital  requested.
  • Our Growth: Growth at Thunderbird Corporate Finance comes from referral sources  within the Financial and Banking Community along with Business  Consultants and satisfied clients.  To this we are strong believers in  providing the highest degree of professionalism to those referred to  Thunderbird Corporate Finance.

Deal Size, Type & Industry


Industries we Support

Industries we Support

Industries we Support

  • Technology 
  • Service Industries
  • Financial Industry
  • Manufacturing 
  • Professional Service 
  • B2B Online 
  • B2C Online .
  • Retail 


Transaction Types

Industries we Support

Industries we Support

  • Line of Credit 
  • Asset Based Lending: Receivables / Inventory 
  • Purchase Order Financing 
  • Business Acquisition
  • Partner Buyout 
  • Franchise 
  • Debt Restructuring 


Deal Size

Industries we Support

Deal Size

  • Line of Credit $100,000 - $10.00+ MM 
  • Business Acquisition & Partner Buyout $250,000 - $10.00+ MM
  • Equipment / Inventory: $100,000 - $10.00+ MM 

Client Comments


Richard W - Manufacturing Company


We were referred to Bennett Brown at Thunderbird Corporate Finance  from our CPA after our primary bank was unable to complete the financing  we were seeking.  Bennett worked with us on refinancing a seller  carry-back from when I bought out my partner along with establishing a  working capital line of credit  to meet our business cash flow needs.  In  working with Bennett, he took the time to dig into our situation and  structure the transaction to where there we two banks interested in  providing our financing as requested.  Bennett worked with us through  the process of determining which bank would fit our long term banking needs and then interacting with the bank until the loan closed.
I  would certainly recommend Mr. Brown and Thunderbird Corporate Finance  as a partner in assisting business in securing business capital as we  found his services of great value and continue to use him as a resource.

Richard W, President


Partner Buyout Financing

 A national sales and marketing organization  specializing in “In-Bound” calls selling Business to Consumer products  and services.

My partner and I built a profitable  organization over the past 10 years and it became time for me to buyout  his interest.  Being a service organization with no hard assets created  some challenges in securing the capital to buyout my partner via  traditional banking channels.  We were referred to Bennett Brown at  Thunderbird Corporate Finance who assisted us in securing the financing  we were seeking at a very favorable rate and structure.  Mr. Brown was able to secure term sheets from several lenders who understood our  business model and opportunity we had to grow the organization.  He then  represented us at the selected bank throughout the transaction dealing  with a number of issues that arouse during the process and keeping the  transaction on tract leading to a successful buyout of my partner.  
I  would certainly recommend Mr. Brown and Thunderbird Corporate Finance  as a partner in assisting business in securing business capital as we  found his services of great value.

Michael M, President / CEO


Debt restructuring

It is with great pleasure that we offer this letter of recommendation for Bennett Brown and Thunderbird Corporate Finance. Prior to engaging in an agreement with TCF we attempted to secure financing on our own.  The process was very time consuming and netted unsatisfactory results.  Because time was of the essence in our situation, we decided to pursue other avenues.  Our accountant recommended Bennett and TCF. When we first met with Bennett he explained that many successful loans result from properly presenting your company and its goals to the financial decision makers.    We were very impressed by how thorough Bennett was in his assessment of our situation.  He took the time to learn about our company’s finances, business model, and vision for future growth.  He also got to know us as individuals and subsequently presented the entire package to a lender that approved our loan.  Bennett acted as the conduit for information flow between our company 

and the lender throughout the application, underwriting, and approval stages of the loan.  Because of his methodical approach and access to the right contacts our loan was funded in less than six weeks from the time we began working with Bennett and TCF.   In our opinion, if you’ve got a challenging lending scenario, Bennett Brown is the right person for the job.

Thank you and best of luck.

Karl and Heather B. , Co-Owners 

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