Equipment Financing & Leasing


Manufacturing Equipment


  • Manufacturing Equipment of all types 
  • Construction Related Equipment 
  • Technology: Networks, PCs, Services, Telco 
  • Medical: All Categories  
  • Restaurant Equipment 
  • Trucks, Trailers, Transportation Equipment 


Financing Options


Leasing Equipment 

  • Less initial expenses
  • Flexible terms and rates
  • Tax deductible rent / lease payments 
  • Easy to upgrade to new and improved      equipment 
  • Preserve your cash flow with less upfront costs
  • Negotiable buy out at end of lease 

Owning Equipment 

  • 80 - 100% financing 
  • Various Depreciation Methods with Tax      benefits.
  • Longer amortization schedule = possible      lower payments 
  • Build "Net Worth" on balance sheet


Bank & Non-Bank Financing

As an Independent Financing Intermediary we work with a variety of lenders in sourcing the best: Rate, Terms & Structure.  Working with all Types of Businesses and Credit Profiles